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My Addons

A Clean Source To Dirty Things...


  • NiteCrawler
  • (

    A little fork using Universal Scrapers.

  • Scrubs v2
  • (

    A fork of Cov/Exo with all active providers(scrapers).

  • Bearded Bandit
  • (

    My kind of All-N-One app. Based on my kind of media pleasure. With a few things for you.

  • ToonTopia
  • (

    A more kid friendly version of the CarToon section in Bearded Bandit.

  • CoolTVseries
  • (

    Watch TV Shows From

  • JewMC
  • (

    Stream Music Choice Radio Channels.

  • JewCleaner
  • (plugin.program.jewcleaner)

    A Simple All-N-1 Cleaning Tool used to clean, tweak, backup/restore, and maintain your Kodi.

  • JewPair
  • (plugin.program.jewpair)

    A pairing tool for use with those Craptcha streaming sites.


    Disclaimer: JewBMX Inc. is in no way affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation. This is a Non-profit resource, organized solely for educational purposes which is protected under the Fair-Use doctrine of the Copyright Act, Specifically section 107, which does promote freedom of expression, by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works.


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    If you would like a custom list or anything added to one of the addons then hit me up.

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